Lotus Rocking

The Lotus rocking is the perfect eye-catcher among the novelties: a perfectly balanced gem, in which you can gently rock away all the commotion of the day. The top quality, thick foam used for the seat and back has made this compact rocking chair incredibly comfortable. The design is based on the Moss and Marigold line designed by Mike Jaski, resulting in this model also simply being chic because of its simplicity and sublime finish. Would you prefer to keep as many legs on the ground as possible? The Lotus is also available as an armchair with four strong legs.



Arezzo 96 pastel
Arezzo 85 anthracite
Arezzo 78 taupe
Arezzo 75 grey
Arezzo 67 ecru
Arezzo 57 lightbrown
Arezzo 51 darkbrown
Arezzo 45 mandarin
Arezzo 35 water
Arezzo 20 green
Barbat 78 iron
Barbat 75 shark
Barbat 72 metal
Barbat 70 seal
Barbat 67 marble
Barbat 51 brown
Barbat 46 orange
Barbat 37 jeans
Barbat 32 green
Barbat 26 lime
Happy 149 steel
Happy 123 espresso
Happy 68 darkgrey
Happy 51 khaki
Happy 50 mint
Happy 48 darkblue
Happy 40 ashgrey
Happy 10 liver
Luca 8020 smoke
Luca 8022 pebble
Luca 8019 taupe
Luca 8017 forest
Luca 7709 darkblue
Luca 7004 cloud
Oesis 605.031 whale
Oesis 605.028 cinnamon
Oesis 605.024 grass
Oesis 605.022 lightbrown
Oesis 605.021 ecru
Oesis 605.020 silver
Oesis 605.003 zebra
Oesis 605.002 blue
Oesis 605.001 chocolate
Oesis 605.000 granite
Bravo 33 darkbrown
Bravo 30 buff
Bravo 28 flax
Bravo 25 sterling
Bravo 23 feather
Bravo 21 pigeon
Bravo 20 charcoal
Bravo 18 mouse
Bravo 15 limoges
Bravo 14 marine
Bravo 04 jade
Bravo 02 duckegg
Hawk 27 navy
Hawk 26 petrol
Hawk 23 moss
Hawk 21 dijon
Hawk 13 dune
Hawk 11 linen
Hawk 06 pinecone
Hawk 05 charcoal
Hawk 04 gargoyle
Hawk 02 limestone
Hawk 01 pelican


Pattern vulcano LP1400
Pattern violet LP3000
Pattern valentine LP4607
Pattern tree LP7509
Pattern smoke LP0511
Pattern skin LP2202
Pattern shade LP1500
Pattern rust LP2015
Pattern purewhite LP9500
Pattern prune LP4401
Pattern pebble LP1600
Pattern orion LP5150
Pattern old orange LP2600
Pattern naturel LP0099
Pattern marble LP1111
Pattern malbec LP4300
Pattern lila LP5600
Pattern eggplant LP0010
Pattern desert LP3900
Pattern darkchocolate LP2100
Pattern craie LP2331
Pattern cotton LP9000
Pattern cocoa LP0505
Pattern canvas LP3700
Pattern brunette LP2215
Pattern bronze LP2222
Pattern bordeaux LP4100
Pattern black LP1000
Pattern beige LP1800
Pattern antracite LP1200
Cru whiskey KC1002
Cru mole KC1005
Cru grey KC1003
Cru coconut KC1004
Cru brown KC1001
Sonora taupe SO3003
Sonora darkbrown SO3001
Sonora cognac SO3002
Sonora bottle green SO3054
Sonora anthracite SO3004
Timber pietra LT0409
Timber marrone LT0209
Timber gambo LT0509
Timber cioccolate LT0309
Timber nocciola LT0109
Twilight taupe TW4006
Twilight limo TW4003
Twilight light grey TW4014
Twilight deer TW4007
Twilight dark brown TW4001
Twilight dark blue TW4049
Twilight cognac TW4022
Twilight bruciato TW4010
Twilight black TW4008
Twilight bottle green TW4054
Twilight antharacite TW4023
Barn toffee LB1022
Barn ruby LB1010
Barn night LB1011
Barn graphite LB1044
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