BROWN by bert plantagie

Pure. Chic. Rugged.

bert plantagie Brown, a new label by Dutch Design brand bert plantagie.

Brown combines natural and robust elements with authentic and original design, adding a new dimension to the notion of living. Brown is both classic and contemporary – in one word, timeless – and stands for unprecedented quality and luxury in every respect. From material use and design to the enjoyment the products add to daily living

bert plantagie Brown is an expansion of the existing bert plantagie collection.

The origins

The bert plantagie company, situated in Cuijk (Nijmegen), is a typically Dutch furniture brand with a long tradition. The origins go back to 1958, when Johannes Smits founded ‘Smits Stalen Meubelen’. Initially the company focused on camping and garden furniture, but in the 1980s Smits started to specialise more in furniture for amusement parks, like Center Parcs and Duinrell, and health facilities. In 2000 the company is taken over by Bert Plantagie, an entrepreneur who gives his name to the company and sets out a new direction. The bert plantagie collection starts to focus more on the consumer market, with sophisticated design of unprecedented quality as guideline. And it became a big success. bert plantagie is now an established brand that is sold in many furniture stores in different countries. And we still serve the project market with the experience of former times.

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